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The Cookieless Future

Waiting for the cookie to crumble? How confusion around cookieless technology is delaying action

Disclaimer: as the founder of an ad tech company that sells a cookieless solution, I am not impartial. But I am also a lawyer and a privacy advocate and I wrote this post as a honest analysis of the digital advertising industry in this moment in time. Only the last...

Google’s decision to keep third-party cookies is bad news for competition

Here we are again. A year after its first U-turn, Google announced that it will again push back the sunsetting of cookies on the Chrome browser, this time to Q3 2024. The search giant is gifting the world two more...

Data privacy startup ID Ward raises €1.1 million to launch its decentralised advertising technology

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 1, 2022 -- ID Ward, a data privacy startup based in London and Barcelona, has closed a €1.1 million funding round to expand its product and marketing teams and drive adoption of its privacy-focused, decentralised advertising...
Fighting for consent

Fighting for consent

A new cookie apocalypse in the making Last week, news broke that the privacy group None of Your Business (NOYB) sent over 500 draft complaints to companies who use unlawful cookie banners. As an internet user and privacy enthusiast, I am all for it: cookie banners...

Identity in Advertising: What is changing?

Identity in Advertising: What is changing?

I spent the past year asking one simple question to publishers, marketers and ad tech companies: "So what is your strategy for the cookieless future?" The replies broadly fell into two categories: "We're not worrying about it yet" and "We're using solution X and they...



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